Prerequisites for MWS connectivity

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All links in this documentation point to the domain, but other regional domains are provided by Amazon. For a list of portals for other regions, please see Related Resources (MWS documentation link).

In order to use python-amazon-mws, you must have an Amazon Professional Seller account, and you must register as a developer. You will then be provided a set of MWS credentials, which include your Seller ID, Access Key, and Secret Key (and, possibly, Auth Token).

These credentials, along with a Marketplace ID, will be needed to make requests to MWS, whether using python-amazon-mws or any other MWS-related service.

Test MWS access using Scratchpad

You can test your access to MWS using Amazon MWS Scratchpad (docs):

  1. Open the Scratchpad.


    Always verify the URL of the Scratchpad before entering your MWS credentials! The domain should be or one of Amazon’s other regional domains (see here for a list of regional portals).

  2. Enter your MWS credentials in the Authentication section.

  3. In API Section, choose “Products”.

  4. In Operation, choose “ListMatchingProducts”.

  5. Under Required API Parameters, enter:

    • MarketplaceID: A valid MarketplaceID for your desired marketplace (example: ATVPDKIKX0DER for the US market). See: Amazon MWS endpoints and MarketplaceId values.

    • Query: python, to search for products containing “python” somewhere in their description.

  6. Click Submit.

If your access works, you should an XML response beginning with ListMatchingProductsResponse. Otherwise, you may see an ErrorResponse, with an error message indicating the problem.